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Color: Green, Size: 30cm - Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp

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Get creative and make your very own lampshade design with the DIJigsaw Puzzle Lamp. There are so many different designs to create making it a fun activity during the Christmas Holidays and the ultimate gift.

Pick from 3 different finished sphere sizes, approximately 25cm, 30cm or 40cm (diameter). Mix and match with additional kits purchased separately for more designs.

Package Includes:

  • 30 polypropylene pieces of selected size
  • 1 Manual 

  • 1 power cord - bulb NOT included  
  • Shade material: PP material. 

  •  Shade color: white, yellow, purple, green, red, dark blue, light blue, orange, pink, rose red 

  •  Shade specifications: 40cm large, 30cm medium, 25cm small 

  •  Light source description: only the lampshade, no light source, no wiring, light source and line need to match

  • 【Product advantages】: 

  • 1, DIY modeling: you can work out the world's lampshade shape. 

  • 2, a wide range of uses: for living room, bedroom, study, restaurant and so on.

  •  3, the shape is changeable: look at the greasy light art shape can be changed at any time.

  •  4, superior quality: all imported special materials, durable, long service life.

  •  5, good quality and low price: gifts for their own use, suitable, have a heart. 

  • 6, easy to clean: the material is special, clean water can be cleaned. 

  • 7, simple spelling: lighting spelling is easy to learn, suitable for both young and old.

  •  8. Environmental protection and safety: PP material is traditional lighting material, safe and secure. 



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